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Wet felted rug workshop

Wet felted rug workshop

🐑🧶🧼 W E T A N D W I L D 🧼🧶🐑

Or moist and mild? 🤔 you decide 😁

Would you like to learn the art of wet felting whole fleece rugs this May?

When - Sat May 18th

Where - The Castle Inn, Castle Bytham (TBC)

How much - £65 pp

How long - 4-6 hours with a break for lunch

I have a beautiful selection of fleeces, ranging from Shetland to Icelandic, to Gotland, and Lincoln longwool that you can choose from, your also welcome to bring your own if you have a favourite pet sheeps fleece you’ve been saving.

Everything you need to create a stunning piece of work that’s both beautiful and practical is included, as are refreshments to keep you going.

The workshop would take 4-6 hours in total, lunch is not included in the price but the castle has a delicious menu available, as well as a very well stocked bar 🥰

If you would like to try this craft but can’t make the 18th, please let me know, I’m happy to run additional dates to accommodate you 💪

The price is low on this occasion as I have a surplus of fleeces I need to use before we shear again, this is a workshop I am a bit rusty at teaching too so it’s also a ‘Guinea pig’ price 😁

It will most definitely be fun, bring your strong arms 💪😁


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