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Simmer pot

Simmer pot

🌲🕯️🍊 S I M M E R A W A Y 🍊🕯️🌲

🍊Do you love the aromas of Yule? The smells of

Fresh pine, sweet orange, spicy cinnamon, juicy cranberry, rich apples and more blended together in deliciously scented harmony.

🕯️Our simmer pots are an alternative to scented candles or chemical scents.

🌲 simply empty one of our jars into a saucepan of water on your hob, bring it to the boil then turn it down and have it simmer quietly whilst you potter about, enjoying the aromas of a Yuletide forest in your own home.

❤️ this is a completely compostable product once it has been enjoyed, no chemicals or nasties involved. Perfect for those with allergies to some candle or melt ingredients.

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